How to Create And Electronically File Form 4868

Form 4868 

 The following steps are to create and electronically file Form 4868: 

  1. Complete the following on the Client Data Screen.
    Taxpayer name, address, date of birth, and filing status & bank account data
  2. Click Add Form button. 
    In the
     All Forms & Worksheets list, locate Form 4868 and then double click it.

  3. Enter the EFIN
  4. Enter PIN numbers for the ERO, Taxpayer, and Spouse (if present).
  5. If making a payment using electronic funds withdrawal, complete the Debit Account Information.
    Check the Transfer Bank data from CDS (Client Data Screen) checkbox to auto fill in the routing number, account number, and account type.
    Otherwise, Type the Routing Number, Account Number, Account Type, and Payment Date.

To transmit the Federal Extension

  1. Click Queue in the menu bar.
    • The Program will show the "Return Errors and Rejects" window if there are errors on the tax return. Because the tax return is not being sent at this time and only the extension is being sent, most errors (even fatal) can be ignored. To transmit the 4868, despite errors on the 1040 and other related forms, click Next.
  2. On the "Queue Return For Transmission" window select only the Queue Federal Extension.
  3. Click Queue to queue the extension for transmission.

  4. Transmit to Central Site/Main Office like normal.