How to Turn On ’Allow Less Secure Apps’ in Gmail

Turning On 'Allow Less Secure Apps'

In the event a certain Gmail address had never been used in conjunction with the software, Gmail will block access and send the user an email stating the 'Sign-in Attempt' has been prevented. 

Follow these four steps to address the blocked access:

Quick link to access less secure apps:

  1. Have the user log into Gmail with the address used for TextLink.
  2. Open the new email labeled Sign-in Attempt Prevented.

  3. Scroll down and click on REVIEW YOUR DEVICES NOW.
  4. This takes you to Google's Sign-in & Security page.
  5. Scroll down the page to Allow Less Secure Apps.
  6.  Finally, select to turn this ON.

  7. Return to the software and test the text message feature or return email feature, which should function as intended. 
  8. The owner of the Gmail account may receive a Critical Security email with notification that less secure apps were turned on.