Access to Fee Schedule for EFIN login in MSO (RIVEDGprime account only)

Internal Knowledge: For Fee Schedule option to be available under the EFIN login, only that EFIN can use the FeeSchedule. 

  • Naming convention should be Master Identifier + Bank + EFIN (You MAY see the EFIN added if there are more then one EFIN on the Master Identifier).
    • EXP: RIVEDG TPG 999999


Log into the EFIN on the Current vtserver & navigate to Setup, then FeeSchedule.

  • The ERO can Edit any fee in the ERO column.
  • Don't forget to hit the Save button @ the bottom of the screen.


If you get the ERROR: Your login account does not have permission to access this page. That means more then One EFIN is attached to that fee schedule. KB: 600 will walk through how to create a fee schedule to assign to that EFIN specific. Please confirm with a Lead that you've performed this task to verify all data is correct.