TaxPass OnBoarding

TaxPass Onboarding

  1. Send email to partner (Do Not modify email).
    1. Click TaxPass email
    2. Download

    3. Click Open

  1. Create a case in CSR
    1. Case Subject: TaxPass
    2. CCT: Mobile App>Crosslink Mobile App

    3. Status: Waiting on ERO
  2. After partner has return email with the information
    1. Login to the main RIVEDG account Portal

    2. If needed, switch sub-accounts Office Management>Manage Sub-accounts. Otherwise go to step 4
  3. Go to Support>Mobile App Management

  1. Search for the User ID

  2. Click on the  to edit Contact info


    Information should already be pre-filled. Double check the information on the email sent by partner with information displayed. If ANY changes need to be made please do so. Otherwise click


    Click onthe to add logo. Logo will be attached to the email sent by partner if any. Save logo from email to your desktop. Then click Browse look for Logo click Open then click Upload.

  1. Click on the under QR Right click on the QR Code and click on Save Image as and save to your desktop.

  2. Send QR Code email to partner just type in their name and code on the highlighted fields. Additionally, attach the QR code you saved to your desktop and the Quick Start Guide