How to Paper File a Return in MSO

How to Paper File a return in MSO

Once the return has been completed & is clean of any verify errors work through the return with the "next" buttons till the Refund Options Page displays.



Refund Options 

The only Payment options allowed for Paper file is Check or Direct Deposit from the IRS. 

  1. Select Check or Direct Deposit for the distribution method
  2. Select Mark Paper Return As Filed for the federal/state filing options
  3. Select the Next button to proceed to the Preparation Fee Collection Page


Preparation Fee Collection 

  1. Add payment till the total fees due is $0
  2. Then select the Next button to proceed to the Tax Return Submission Page.


Tax Return Submission 

  1. The Paper package should be already selected
  2. Put a Checkmark in the Submit location
  3. Then select the File button to change status of return to paper file.


Filed Returns Database  

The status of that return now should show Mailed via USPS.