How to Remove a Tax Return From The Transmission Queue

To Remove a Tax Return From The Transmission Queue

Alternate resolution I

  1. Navigate to the return needed to be removed from queue
  2. Select the Queue button
  3. Uncheck the Queue boxes on the LEFT side of Queue Return for Transmission window
  4. Click on the Queue button on the RIGHT side of Queue Return for Transmission window 

  5. Answer YES to the question about removing tax return from queue 

Alternate resolution II

  1. Navigate to the transmit window 

  2. Select the Filter button 

  3. UnSelect the return to remove from queue 
  4. Click on the OK button 

Alternate resolution III

  1. On the Work in Progress Summary (WIP), click Status Summary List.
  2. Double click Queued for Transfer/Transmit. The Lookup will open showing a list of returns that are selected for the next transmission.

  3. Double click the return to be removed from the transmission queue. The tax return will open.
  4. If the return is locked, from the top menu select Return->Lock/Unlock.
  5. On the top bar, click Transmit.
  6. Uncheck the Transmit Federal check box, as well as any states check boxes.
  7. Click Send.
  8. On the Nothing Selected for Transmit dialog, click Yes to remove the return from queue.
    1. If the Tax Return Locked dialog appears, click Yes.

The tax return will no longer be selected for transmission.

Posted - Wed, Jul 27, 2016.
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