How to Set Up The Mobile Application Retrieval Utility

Setting up the Mobile Application Retrieval Utility in the software

  1. Locate the software icon on the desktop and right click to select Properties.
  2. On the Shortcuts Tab, click in the Target box, after the existing target path. 
  3. Type in the target extension listed below, including the space between .exe and 1040.
" 1040\startup UTAX:X"
  1. Click OK to close the "Properties" window.
  2. Open and log into the software.
  3. Click on the Setup menu and then Print Setup.
  4. Select the 1040 Return Printing Tab.
  5. Confirm that the Federal, State, and Send to Printer boxes are selected for the Client column. These are the basic requirements to generate a PDF for the taxpayer to sign on the mobile application website.

  1. Click OK to close the Print Setup menu.
  2. From the WIP menu, click on Mobile Application Retrieval Utility.
  3. Click on Settings and enter the mobile setup information. 
  1. Click OK to close the "Settings" window. 
Posted - Tue, Aug 30, 2016.
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