How to Run a No Fee Payment by ACK Date Report

The "No Fee Payment by ACK Date" report


The following steps to generate the No Fee Payment by ACK Date report are provided below:


1. Log into the program as a user with administrator rights.

2. From the top menu, select Reports->Fee Payments->No Fee Payment by ACK Date.

3. In the Sort By drop down list, choose the applicable sort option.

4. In the Group By drop down list, choose the applicable grouping option.

5. In the Minimum and Maximum ACK Creation Date fields, enter the desired date range in the format indicated.

6. To view the report on the screen, click the Quick View Button.

7. To print the report, click the Print Button.


Information Displayed on The Report:

* Site – The site a return was prepared under

* Preps Code – The code of the preparer that created the return

* EFIN – The EFIN the return was prepared under

* DCN – The Declaration Control Number assigned to the return

* SSN – The Social Security Number of the primary taxpayer

* Last Name – The last name of the primary taxpayer

* Fee – The tax preparation fee charged for the return

* EF Fee – The electronic filing fee charged for the return

* ACK Date – The date the IRS acknowledged the return

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