How to Create a Return or Open an already Created Return in MSO

Creating a New Tax Return

Select the Start New Return from the menu.


Select the Return Method: 


Unless restricted there are 3 Methods to choose from.

Select the Tax Preparer:

Drop down will populate Preparers only if configured first.

Enter Taxpayer’s First Name:

Enter Taxpayer’s Last Name:

Enter Taxpayer’s SSN:

Put a check mark in the Transfer prior year data if this Taxpayer’s last year return was completed.

Tax Return Name:will auto populate after data entered above.

Put a check mark in Training Return if the return is created for training purpose.

Select the Submit button when completed & are ready to start the return.

Remember most of the data entered into the program should come from the Taxpayer Questionnaire, the Due Diligence questions, and External Sources such as W2s and 1099s.


Continuing an Existing Return

Select the Saved Returns from the menu.

Click on the correct Return and the selected return will open.


Enter the Taxpayer’s SSN or Last Name select Search and the selected return will open.

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