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Overriding Return in MSO

Overriding Return in MSO This function is ONLY used to add State to a return that is IRS Acknowledged. If the ERO needs to make a change to the 1040 they need to AMEND the return. (KB: 724   Login to... Read More

How to reprint a check in MSO

Select TaxInfo on the left side panel Search by SSN, Last Name, EFIN, or Return ID. Once in the backend of the return select the Reprint link found under the Bank Application Information/Disbursement Information.   Follow the link for Check pr... Read More

When to Void a Check

Voiding a Check Voiding a check is used only in the most extreme cases. Most check issues can be solved using the Reprint option.The following scenarios give examples of when it is appropriate to void a bank product check: The taxpayer has lost... Read More