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Workstation lock

Symptoms   While trying to transmit a return you get a Workstation lock error.The Current Tax return has Workstation lock. Contact your Service Bureau or Franchise office to unlock this tax return. Returns are locked to prevent overrides of... Read More

How to Remove a Service Bureau Lock


Unlocking a Return  The  following steps provide how to unlock a return: At the Master User, open the Work In Progress Summary (WIP).  Transmit to the Central Site to receive the latest versions of returns from sub-offices.  From the... Read More

Overriding Return in MSO

Overriding Return in MSO This function is ONLY used to add State to a return that is IRS Acknowledged. If the ERO needs to make a change to the 1040 they need to AMEND the return. (KB: 724   Login to... Read More

How to Add Notes to a Return

Adding Notes to a Return   The software offers several methods to add notes to a tax return. These notes are not transmitted with the tax return, and may be used by the preparer to store additional information for their records: 1. Using the "No... Read More

Scan Button Not Activating Scanner in The Program

Possible causes for the scanner not activating The scanner may not be connected to the computer: Verify the scanner is properly connected to a USB port. Drivers may not be installed. To verify if the drivers have been installed: In Windows, pre... Read More

How to use the Engagement Letter

This article will provide you with information on the Engagement Letter within the 1040 Software. Setup of the Engagement Letter Navigate to Setup  Select Client Letter from the drop down menu By selecting ENGAGEMENT LETTER the ability to... Read More

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