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Verify Error: Package Not Loaded for Form : 01

Symptoms ’Package Not Loaded for Form : 01’     Cause Ghost data appears to be present Resolution From the Return Menu Select Delete State Click on the "dead" space within the Delete State window Select OK  Select OK in the... Read More

Form 8379 Injured Spouse Allocation

 Form 8379 is used when overpayment is applied to past-due financial obligations rather than refunded to the taxpayer on a MFJ.   Form 8379 You may be an injured spouse if you file a joint tax return and all or part of your portion of the... Read More

Form 3922

 About Form 3922, Transfer of Stock Acquired Through An Employee Stock Purchase Plan Under Section 423(c)   Form 3922 Taxpayers will receive a form 3922 if they purchased stock through an employee stock purchase plan. This form is for informational... Read More

How to Proforma Tax Return Files

Proforma information will be pulled as you open each tax return Set during installation. Set through Office Setup. KB 276 How to Enter in The Prior Year Path Proforma tax return information will appear when you begin a new tax return with the same... Read More

Scan Button Not Activating Scanner in The Program

Possible causes for the scanner not activating The scanner may not be connected to the computer: Verify the scanner is properly connected to a USB port. Drivers may not be installed. To verify if the drivers have been installed: In Windows, pre... Read More

Workstation lock

Symptoms   While trying to transmit a return you get a Workstation lock error.The Current Tax return has Workstation lock. Contact your Service Bureau or Franchise office to unlock this tax return. Returns are locked to prevent overrides of... Read More

Font Load Error

Symptoms While launching the software. ’There was a problem loading display Fonts. Please reboot your system to reset windows fonts cache. Do you want to continue the application without the fonts?’ Cause Font cache issues... Read More

Access prior year returns in MSO

Preferred Method: From within the landing page after login, prior year returns can be found on the bottom of the left panel.  ALTERNATE Method:From the login screen use the drop-down option to switch Tax Calendar /Year  Read More

ScreenShare -Show My PC

ERO Screen-sharing tool (Used for Technical Support Troubleshooting) Be aware that this version of showmypc (SMPC) screen shares doesn't expire.  Suggest to the ERO/end-user before disconnecting call to close... Read More

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