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How to Add a Remote Signature For a Paid Preparer

Adding a Remote Signature   The following steps are provided to add a remote signature for a paid preparer: 1. Inside of the software, open the Database menu, then Paid Preparers. 2. When the "Paid Preparers" window is open, select the preparer... Read More

Supported Signature Pads

The following signature pads are supported with the use of the software: Topaz SigLite Supported Models Topaz SigLite™ 1x5 T-S460 Topaz SigLite™ 1x5 T-S461 Topaz SigLite™ LCD 1x5 TL460 Scriptel Supported Models Scriptel Slimline LCD SC... Read More

Request Remote Signature in MSO

How to request a remote signature within the MSO program. From within the specific return the "Sign Document" request can be found. For TaxYear 2020 verify the Taxpayer Information has the "yes" radial selected. Wallet will also have to be completed.... Read More