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How to View Status of a Bank Application in Desktop/Hosted

To view the status of a bank application in the software, the following steps are provided: From the "Work In Progress"(WIP) screen, click on the Quick button. The Query Return Status window opens. Enter the desired Last Name or SSN and press... Read More

How to reset/reconfigure the Hosted TaxClient

How to reset/reconfigure the Hosted TaxClient Method 1: Through the TaxClient   Method 2: Through the File Explorer Navigate through file explorer: Install Drive\xlink17g\thinclient\generic.settings Delete generic.settings file... Read More

Textlink / Email Failure

Symptoms In the attempt to send a text message or email a return, one of the the following error message occurs:  ’Send Email - Failure! user, password or similar was not accepted and we failed to login Send Email - Failure! (-67) user,... Read More

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) TaxYear 2021

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) was introduced in the 2022 - 1040 Program (xlink22) Tax Year 2021 What is Multifactor Authentication Microsoft link for explanation Read More