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Error Message: "Login Refused, Already Online"

Symptoms When attempting to transmit to Central Site an error populates preventing that transmission. ’Login Refused, Already Online’             Cause An instance of the program is connected/connecting to Central Site. ... Read More

Unlocking Login in MSO

Finding the login might be the hardest part of this task. Login to vt## server with login credentials that aren't locked (see MSO>Logins page in Frontline OneNote for further guidance) Locate the EFIN experiencing issue Navigate to Setup... Read More

Online Program > How to Create a Login

Logins can be created at the Office or Account level. An activation email will be sent for each login created. Follow the instructions below to successfully create a login at the Office level: Login to the 1040 Online Program. Click on ... Read More

Online Program > Understanding the Login Type

1040 Online requires Login Types to each login created in the software.  Currently, the two types of login types are either Manager or Preparer.    Below is a comparison of the differences between the two login types:   Manager Preparer ... Read More

Online Program > Forgot Login Password

Forgot Login Password A valid login is required to access your 1040 Online account.  In order to reset your account login you can follow the steps below to successfully reset your login: Click Forgot Password? Enter your Username> Click... Read More

How to Assign an Access Level to a Login Account

Assigning an Access Level to a Login   The following provided steps are shown how to assign an access level to a login:  1. Log into the program as a user with administrator rights. 2. From the top menu, select Setup->Login Accounts.&nbs... Read More

How to Create a Login Account

Log into the program as a user with administrator rights. From the top menu, select Setup > Login Accounts.  Click Add to open the Login Preferences window. In the Login ID box, enter a unique Login ID to be used to log into the... Read More

User Login Window Disappears

User Login Window DisappearsSYMPTOMS When trying to log into the program, the user login window (below) disappears after entering a user and a password. Each time this happens a separate instance of xlink32.exe appears in the Processes Tab ... Read More

How to Log Into MSO

MSO Login The MSO product can be found at the following website: If the URL entered is correct and for an active year, there will be a login box as shown below. Use the most current Tax Calendar Year to recognize all... Read More

Online Program > Billing Setup (DRAFT)

The Billing Setup function enables use of the Client Invoicing feature. This feature allows the ability to bill clients for tax preparation fees you set. This article will cover how to set and manage pricing, discounts and custom charges. Note: The... Read More

Online Program > Signature Locations

ERO Location Dropdown Profile Preparer Location Location #1 Office Setup > Preparer > Capture Signature Location #2 If LOGIN is linked to PreparerDropdown Profile TaxPayer Location From within the return Location #1 Location #2 Read More

Online Program > Accept Terms of Service not clickable

Symptoms After logging into 1040 Online for the first time end user is not able to click the 'Accept Terms Of Service' button to proceed. Cause The browser used to view the website has 'Zoom' reduced. Resolution Return the... Read More

Phases of TaxSeason (List of KBs)

Here you will find a list of Knowledge Base Articles that are tax phase specific.   Description Suggested Article Phase TIME For CHANGE Program System Requirements All Season Oct-April E-Filing Prior Year Tax Returns With Modernized E-File... Read More

Online Program > Default Access Levels Defined

Access Levels can be found under Logins within the Account Settings or Office Settings Sections of the 1040 Online Software.  Possible Accesses Available Not all accesses are available to all account levels ALL Accesses... Read More

Online Program > Multi-Office Setup

The top tier account can log in and see the status from each office. If they wish to look at something in a particular office, they can click the “View” button and drill down into that office. They can also drill down into a specific preparer and... Read More

Online Program > Running a Quick Report

By default, 1040 Online provides six (6) Quick Reports which tend to be the most common reports in use, pre-configured for convenience.  NOTE: Logins with the access level of Non Transmitting Preparer will not be able to view reports. Follow the... Read More

Online Program > Creating/Running a Custom Report

Custom Reports allow you to select the information from each tax return to be displayed and then separately select the search criteria to be used, along with the parameters of the search criteria. You can run custom reports that you have already... Read More

Online Program > Configuring Restricted Fields

Users can lock fields in 1040 Online by restricting the field.  Restricting a field on a form or worksheet within a tax return will prevent users from being able to fill it out. The only login that can see all fields will be the EFIN/Office login.... Read More

Online Program > Capturing the Preparer Signature

In order for the preparer to electronically store their signature in 1040 Online, the user will need to capture their preparer signature for each designated preparer. Follow the instructions below to successfully capture the preparer signature:... Read More

Online Program > Setting up Client Letters

This feature is designed to let the user design/develop their own custom client letters.  We have designed this feature to be fully customizable from within 1040 Online.  Follow the instructions below to successfully setup a client letter: Click... Read More

Online Program > Adding a Widget

Widgets are visual reports that you can install and display on 1040 Online's dashboard.  There are multiple free widgets for you to install for you and/or your office. NOTE: Only logins with access levels of Reseller Admin, Franchise Main, EFIN... Read More

Online Program > Setting Defaults

1040 Online comes with various defaults that can be preset based on the user login.  These defaults were designed to make the tax preparation process easier for users.  Follow the instructions below to successfully select what defaults you want... Read More

Online Program > Capturing the ERO Signature

In order to capture the ERO signature in 1040 Online, users must have access to a login at the EFIN/Office level or you will not be able to see this request in the profile menu.  Follow the instructions below to successfully capture the ERO... Read More

Online Program > Working with Device Registrations

Registered devices in 1040 Online lets you skip the multifactor authentication when you login.  You can simply add a friendly label for the device you are using to login.  Managing these devices are also available within 1040 Online. Follow the... Read More

Online Program > Generating a New 2FA QR Code

If you choose to utilize the 2FA QR code when logging into 1040 Online and need to generate a new 2FA QR code for the multifactor authentication process, follow the instructions below: Click on the Profile menu dropdown. Click Generate NEW 2FA... Read More

Online Program > How to Create Preparers

Preparers can be managed/created when at the Office level. Follow the instructions below to successfully create a preparer: To Add a Paid Preparer: Login to the 1040 Online Program with Office level access.  Click on Office Settings from the... Read More

PayJunction API Information

New to TaxYear 2021 is the option for PayJunction.This is a third party all-in-one contactless payment processing solution.Support is provided by PayJunction. Link for Website: Setup PayJunction information Log... Read More

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) TaxYear 2021

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) was introduced in the 2022 - 1040 Program (xlink22) Tax Year 2021 What is Multifactor Authentication Microsoft link for explanation Read More

Wallet setup for Remote Signature (MSO)

1. To access the Wallet hyperlink the EFIN login must be used. 2. If prompted, the partner must Read and Accept Terms and Conditions to continue with configuration of the Wallet.    3. Add the email address that is to receive the invoices ... Read More

Install Scriptel Signature Drivers for MSO

How to Install the Scriptel Signature Drivers in MSO First Verify the login setup will prompt for the Scriptel signature. Navigate to Setup Select Logins Find the Login requesting the Scriptel signature option Hover over the "yellow exclamation"... Read More

How to Configure Setmore Preferences

Step 1 – Login into (Credentials provided by Metik. located under Media Asset tabs on               Mobile App Portal).               Step 2 – Click on Settings tab... Read More

How to Add New Staff Member to Setmore

Step 1 - Step 1 – Login into (Credentials provided by Metik. located under Media Asset tabs on               Mobile App Portal).   Step 2 – Click on the Settings option, then click staff... Read More

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