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Error Message on Network Workstation: Unable to open safe.dat

Symptoms When attempting to open the program on a network workstation, the following error message appears: Cause This issue occurs when the shared data folder is not shared with the full control permission. Resolution 1: Share the folder with the... Read More

How to Troubleshoot a Shared Network Printer

  This networked printer problem is broken down into two main troubleshooting areas: Hardware and Software. The following procedure assumes a networked client machine is trying to connect to a shared printer that is physically installed on a... Read More

How to share "Hosts" install folder for networking purpose.

How to share "Hosts" install folder for networking purpose. Open File Explorer on the "Host" machine  Main PC where program was installed or database files are located. Locate the xlink## folder (by default C: drive) Right click on xlink##... Read More

Phases of TaxSeason (List of KBs)

Here you will find a list of Knowledge Base Articles that are tax phase specific.   Description Suggested Article Phase TIME For CHANGE Program System Requirements All Season Oct-April E-Filing Prior Year Tax Returns With Modernized E-File... Read More

How to Install The Program

How to Install the Program Step 1: Download and install the program  Download link: EMP Portal contains current link for program. Download the file. Double-click the file downloaded to begin the installation (If prompted by Windows, click '... Read More

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

   The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act) adds many protections related to employment-based group health plans for you and your family.  These include extending dependent coverage up to age 26; prohibiting... Read More

How to Transfer a Return Between Installations of The Program

The Transfer Return function is used to move a tax return from one install to another install   (possibly 2 PCs NOT in the same network). To transfer the return, some form of portable media is needed (e.g. a thumb drive, portable hard drive, etc).... Read More

How to Configure a Receipt Range

Configuring a receipt range IMPORTANT: If there are unnetworked multiple workstation computers in your office, it is recommend to stagger the receipt range numbers to prevent overlapping. For example: Workstation Receipt Range Workstation One   1... Read More