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Remote Signature Not Receiving Signed Document

Symptoms Tax Payer has signed remote request but the Document Archive doesn't display the 'Signed Document' Remote Signature completed but doesn't show "Signed" in Document Archive.         Cause Possible cause the... Read More

Remove Pending Remote Signature

Removing Remote Signatures That Are Pending When the remote signature process is not completed, the WIP will show pending remote signatures. If the ERO or taxpayer decided not to use the remote signature feature after the request has been made, the... Read More

Not Able to Capture Remote Signature

Enabling the Remote Signature Function The Auto-rotate FunctionIf the Auto-rotate is disabled, there will be no detection for signature prompt. Android  Look for an icon for Auto-rotate and turn it on. iOs (Apple)   Pertaining to an iOs, the Auto... Read More

Request Remote Signature in MSO

How to request a remote signature within the MSO program. From within the specific return the "Sign Document" request can be found. For TaxYear 2020 verify the Taxpayer Information has the "yes" radial selected. Wallet will also have to be completed.... Read More

Online Program > Sending a Remote Signature Request

Tax preparers can send a remote signature request either by email or cell phone in 1040 Online. In order to initiate a remote signature request, the following items are required before sending: ERO signature required to be captured for the office... Read More

How to Add a Remote Signature For an EF Originator

Adding a Remote Signature for an EF Originator   The following steps provide how to add a remote signature for an EF Originator: 1. Inside of the software, open the Database menu and then open EF Originators. 2. When the "EF Originators" window is... Read More

How to Add a Remote Signature For a Paid Preparer

Adding a Remote Signature   The following steps are provided to add a remote signature for a paid preparer: 1. Inside of the software, open the Database menu, then Paid Preparers. 2. When the "Paid Preparers" window is open, select the preparer... Read More

How to Use The Remote Signature (Desktop Version)

The Remote Signature Feature Requirements Taxpayer/Spouse cell phone number and cell phone service provider information in the "Client Data" screen for text messaging. Email in the Desktop Tax Program can also be used for remotely capturing a... Read More

Wallet setup for Remote Signature (MSO)

1. To access the Wallet hyperlink the EFIN login must be used. 2. If prompted, the partner must Read and Accept Terms and Conditions to continue with configuration of the Wallet.    3. Add the email address that is to receive the invoices ... Read More

PDF Document is Blank with requested RemoteSign

Taxpayer doesn't see any text on the PDF sent with remote signature request. Remote Sign request has been sent via Link to Cell phone or Email Taxpayer uses Last 4 digits of SSN, Last Name, DOB, & Zip Code (found on Client Data) to validate... Read More

Phases of TaxSeason (List of KBs)

Here you will find a list of Knowledge Base Articles that are tax phase specific.   Description Suggested Article Phase TIME For CHANGE Program System Requirements All Season Oct-April E-Filing Prior Year Tax Returns With Modernized E-File... Read More

Wallet FAQ (TaxYear 2021)

QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO SETTING UP MY WALLET What is a Wallet and why should I be using one?Always having a balance available in your personal account – or Wallet – is required in order to eFile with your tax software. The funds in your Wallet... Read More

Online Program > Signature Locations

ERO Location Dropdown Profile Preparer Location Location #1 Office Setup > Preparer > Capture Signature Location #2 If LOGIN is linked to PreparerDropdown Profile TaxPayer Location From within the return Location #1 Location #2 Read More

Online Program > Capturing the Preparer Signature

In order for the preparer to electronically store their signature in 1040 Online, the user will need to capture their preparer signature for each designated preparer. Follow the instructions below to successfully capture the preparer signature:... Read More

Online Program > Capturing the ERO Signature

In order to capture the ERO signature in 1040 Online, users must have access to a login at the EFIN/Office level or you will not be able to see this request in the profile menu.  Follow the instructions below to successfully capture the ERO... Read More

Wallet Error: Invalid Signature with ACH Authorization

Symptoms Error occurs when attempting to sign the ACH Authorization window ’Signature is invalid.’ Possible Cause Email link opened in Edge Browser Resolution Suggest to use another browser i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari... Suggest... Read More

Install Scriptel Signature Drivers for MSO

How to Install the Scriptel Signature Drivers in MSO First Verify the login setup will prompt for the Scriptel signature. Navigate to Setup Select Logins Find the Login requesting the Scriptel signature option Hover over the "yellow exclamation"... Read More

Program Prints Without Prompting for Signature Request

Symptoms In printing a tax return, the program will print the tax return without giving the option to capture the taxpayer’s signature.     Cause This behavior can occur if the program is not configured to prompt for a tax return PDF. ... Read More

How to Install The Topaz Signature Pad

UNPLUG THE SIGNATURE PAD BEFORE STARTING THIS PROCESS. To download Topaz drivers click here. If prompted, click Save to save the file. Once the file has finished downloading, open the file. Click Extract all files, check the Show extracted files... Read More

Chromebook ScreenShare - Show My PC Control and View Remote PC using Chromebook ShowMyPC accounts come with an option to remotely access a Computer using Google's Chromebook. The HTML Viewer option allows you to Control and... Read More

How to Print a Check Through Santa Barbara TPG

 Printing One or More Checks 1. Log into the SBTPG Resource Center at On the left-hand side under FOR TAX PROFESSIONALS, click on Remote Check Printing. The Print Checks options will appear. 3. In the OPTIONS... Read More

TPG Bank-Provided Resources For Their Products

TPG-Provided Website Resources    -PRIOR YEAR INFORMATION - Data below maybe outdated or not available-The very informational and comprehensive lists of links provided in the following sections are available for... Read More

Online Program > Understanding the Login Type

1040 Online requires Login Types to each login created in the software.  Currently, the two types of login types are either Manager or Preparer.    Below is a comparison of the differences between the two login types:   Manager Preparer ... Read More

Bank Application Not Printing With a Final Tax Return

Symptoms In printing a final/complete tax return, the bank application does not print along with it.  Cause It is required that bank documents print separately from the final tax return. This is because the banks and IRS want to e... Read More

How to Enable a Third Party Designee in a Return in MSO

For an explanation of Third Party Designee functions, view What is a Third Party Designee. How to add a Preparer as Third Party Designee in MSO While preparing the return, click the Edit link next to Edit Preparer Information. The Preparer... Read More

Social Security Income For a Dependent From Form SSA-1099

Social Security Income For a Dependent Social security income is reported on the recipient’s tax return. If a dependent is a recipient of social security income, the social security income is reported on the dependent’s tax return.  ... Read More

How to Complete a TPG Bank Application

To apply for a Santa Barbara (TPG) bank product  Regular RT  Prefund Advance Options If you are primarily interested in Disbursement Options for the Prefund advance and the Regular RT options KB 347: SB-TPG Disbursement Options For RT And... Read More

How to Complete a Republic Bank Application

To apply for a Republic Bank Product  Regular RT  Prefund and RT-Lite Advances To generate a bank application in a return KB 345: How to add a 'bank product' (RAC) to a tax return. IMPORTANT: The application is not meant to be... Read More

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