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Unable to Remove Bank Application

Unable to Remove Bank Application Changing the Refund Type on the 8879 from 5 to 1 should remove the bank application, but it will not if there's a state RT present on the return. Also if the bank app was already accepted then it will not be... Read More

Error Message on Network Workstation: Unable to open safe.dat

Symptoms When attempting to open the program on a network workstation, the following error message appears: Cause This issue occurs when the shared data folder is not shared with the full control permission. Resolution 1: Share the folder with the... Read More

How to View Additional Uploads

How to View Additional Uploads Step 1 log in to with your username and password. (provided by Metik). Step 2 Click on the ‘Additional Uploads’ tab. Step 3 Here you can see: Additional Upload Submission ID First name ... Read More

How to Download And Install Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader® allows viewing PDF documents   To download and install Adobe Reader, follow these steps:  1. Connect to the Internet.  2. Click Start, point to All Programs and then click Internet Explor... Read More

Ten Points to Know About Child And Dependent Care

Child and Dependent Care If a TP paid someone to care for their child, spouse, or dependent last year, the TP may be able to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit on the Federal Income Tax Return.  Below are 10 points the IRS wants... Read More

How to Obtain a Republic Bank ID or RBIN

Contact Republic Bank at (866) 491-1040 to obtain the RBIN/Republic Bank ID Code. These codes are distributed by Republic Bank at the completion of the banks compliance requirement.  ERO Support is unable to provide information on this process. ... Read More

When to Void a Check

Voiding a Check Voiding a check is used only in the most extreme cases. Most check issues can be solved using the Reprint option.The following scenarios give examples of when it is appropriate to void a bank product check: The taxpayer has lost... Read More

How to Remove a Bank Application From a Return

Removing a Bank Application The following short steps provide how to remove a bank application from a return: Open the return that needs the bank application removed Navigate to Form 8879. Under "Refund Type," change the choice from a 5 ... Read More

METIK > How to renew apple developer account

This article will walkthrough the process of renewing the Apple Developer Account. It is suggested that the account be set to auto renew. Log into the account using the following link: To renew, sign... Read More

Creating a Restore File

Creating a Restore File NOTE: Not all versions of the 1040 Software will have access to the following options. From the Main Office Software select Utility and Create Restore File. Enter the path that the restore file will be saved to. Enter the... Read More

Online Program > Creating/Running a Custom Report

Custom Reports allow you to select the information from each tax return to be displayed and then separately select the search criteria to be used, along with the parameters of the search criteria. You can run custom reports that you have already... Read More

Online Program > Creating a Custom Report

Creating a Custom Report Custom Reports allow you to select the information from each tax return to be displayed and then separately select the search criteria to be used, along with the parameters of the search criteria.  Follow the instructions... Read More

How to Import a Mobile App Submission.

  Once logged in the software click on Mobile Application Retrieval Utility in the Work in Progress screen. To download the return, type the Submission ID (found in the notification email sent to email or the Mobile App backend) or SSN and click... Read More

Topaz troubleshooting guide

Symptoms Topaz pad not being detected in the software. ’No errors sigpad just does not work’    Note you can also run the Sigplusadjust as administrator if it does not work the first time as non-admin. Topaz Systems Inc... Read More

How to Print Test Checks

Printing Test Checks The orientation of check stock within a printer varies by printer model. For example, some require the checks to be loaded face down, while another model may require face up. Some also require the top of the check be towards the... Read More

How to Print Checks in The Desktop Software

 Print Checks in the 1040 Desktop Program From the Work In Progress screen, in the Printing Queue panel, click Checks, Registers and Activation. Place a check mark next to the check(s) to be printed and then click the Print Check(s) Button. If... Read More

How to Print a Check at The Refund Advantage Web Portal

To Print a Check To print checks, Adobe Acrobat will need to be installed on the computer. Verify Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed or download a free copy from the Adobe’s website before proceeding. Log in to your account at www.refund-advanta... Read More

Error Message: File is too big - File size Exceeds 5MB

Symptoms When importing a file to the document archive, the following error message appears:  ’File is too big. File size Exceeds 5MB’ Cause The file being imported is too large to store in the Document Archive. If the file being... Read More

How to Change the Default Billing Scheme

Follow steps below to change the default billing scheme within the software. 1. Log into the program as user with administrator rights. 2. From the top menu, select Setup > Office Setup. 3. Click the General Tab. 4. In the Billing section, use... Read More

Printing TPG Checks From The Desktop Program

 TPG Checks From The Desktop Program   Santa Barbara TPG checks are able to be printed from within the software. Checks first need to be activated in the software before check printing can occur. See the following link for instructions to activate... Read More

How to Manually Move Billing Files

Manually Moving Billing FilesThis guide uses billYY and xlinkYY YY=year Step 1.  First, copy/paste the billing files (billYY.dat & billYY.idx) from the xlinkYY folder onto the desktop.  Step 2.  Right click on the program icon for the... Read More

How to Print Mailing Labels Using OpenOffice Writer

IMPORTANT:  The method below requires you to have OpenOffice Writer installed on your computer. OpenOffice can be downloaded from   Printing mailing labels using OpenOffice Writer 1. Open the program... Read More

How to Add a ’Bank Product’ (RAC) to a Tax Return

The steps in this article only apply if the EFIN in the software has an approved RAC record from the bank the EFIN is enrolled with.  From Form 8879: Choose Option 5 for the Refund Type. Verify that the EFIN has an approval record from the bank... Read More

How to Send a Text Message to All Clients With Checks Ready

Sending a Text Message to All Clients With Checks Ready   To send a text message to all clients with checks ready, the following steps are provided:  1.Log into the program as a user with administrator rights. 2. On the top menu bar, click ... Read More

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