Printing Republic Checks From The Program

Republic Checks From The Program


Republic Bank checks can be printed from within the software.Checks first need to be activated in the software before check printing can occur. See the following link to see instructions to activate checks.

How to Activate Republic checks in the program


To print Republic checks from within the software, follow these steps:

1. From the "Work in Progress" screen in the Printing Queue panel, select Checks, Registers, and Activation.

2. On the "Checks, Registers, and Activation" screen, highlight the Checks to Print Tab, if it is not already active.

3. Under the Checks to Print Tab, select Republic Bank from the Rac Bank drop down list. Select appropriate User ID and Site ID.

4. Select the box next to each check to be printed, or use the Select All Button to mark all checks for printing.

Clicking a checked box will remove the check mark, or selecting Clear All will unmark all checks.

5. Check the printer to verify checks are loaded properly.

6. Click the Print Check(s) Button.

7. In the "Print Checks" window, enter the Starting Check Number, and click OK.

8. In the new "Print Checks" window, verify the quantity and starting number of the checks to print, then click OK.

9. In the "Print" window, verify that the correct printer is selected for check printing, then click Print.

Finishing the Print Job

10. As each check is printed, it is removed from the list and included among the checks under the Check Register Tab.

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