How to Activate Republic Checks in The Program

Activating Republic Checks in the Program

Before Republic checks can be printed, a check range must be activated. The check numbers available to print will be limited to the range activated. 


To activate checks, follow these steps:

1. From the Work In Progress screen, in the Printing Queue panel, click Checks, Registers and Activation.

2. Click the Check Inventory Tab and next click the Activate Button.
The Activate Check Range window will appear.


3. In the Activate Check Range window, select Republic Bank from the RAC Bank drop down list.


  • In the Starting Check Number field, type the lowest check number that appears on the checks.
  • In the Ending Check Number field, type the highest check number that appears on the checks.
  • If using site IDs, type the site ID for the check range in the Site ID box.

4. Click OK to activate the check range. The activated check range will display on the Check Inventory Tab.

5. If needed to edit the activated check range, click applicable check range and next click the Edit Button. The Edit Check Range window will display.


6. In the Edit Check Range window, make necessary changes to the check numbers. Click OK.