Republic Bank Disbursement Options For RT and Easy Advance

Republic Bank offers three Disbursement Options for their regular RT (Refund Transfer) as well as their Easy Advance option.


  • Regarding to the regular RT, all four options may be used.
  • Should the Advance option be selected, the taxpayer may choose any of the disbursement options, yet the balance of the refund must be disbursed by the same method.

Disbursement Options

From Account Information, the following disbursement options can be chosen:

[Option 1]

Cashier's Check: This option will allow the ERO to print the check once it has been published by the bank.

[Option 2]

Direct Deposit: To populate this section, check the box entitled ‘Client Pass-Through Account Information.’ This will pull account information that has previously been entered on the Client Data form.


[Option 4]

NetSpend Prepaid Card: The Customer Number is found on the Republic NetSpend Card envelope. The taxpayer is notified by the bank when the initial funds are available.

Note: "NetSpend" and "Money Clip" refer to the same product; "Money Clip" is the former name.