Republic Bank Disbursement Options For RT and Easy Advance

Republic Bank offers three Disbursement Options for their regular RT (Refund Transfer) as well as their Easy Advance option.


  • Regarding to the regular RT, all four options may be used.
  • Should the Advance option be selected, the taxpayer may choose any of the disbursement options, yet the balance of the refund must be disbursed by the same method.

Disbursement Options:

From Account Information, the following disbursement options can be chosen:

[Option 1]
Cashier's Check: This option will allow the ERO to print the check once it has been published by the bank.

[Option 2]
Direct Deposit: To populate this section, check the box entitled ‘Client Pass-Through Account Information.’ This will pull account information that has previously been entered on the Client Data form.

[Option 3]
NetSpend Prepaid Card: The Customer Number is found on the Republic NetSpend Card envelope. The taxpayer is notified by the bank when the initial funds are available.

Note: "NetSpend" and "Money Clip" refer to the same product; "Money Clip" is the former name.