How to Restore And Apply Program Updates From a Backup

Restoring and Applying The Update Files


The following provided steps are shown to restore and apply program updates from a backup: 

1. Insert the portable media in the computer. Windows will assign a drive letter to the media. Note this drive letter.

2. Log into the program as a user with administrator rights.

3. From the top menu, select Utility->Updates. The Software Updates window will open.

4. Select the Load Diskette Tab.

5. Click Browse. The Software Updates browser window will open.

6. Browse to the location of the portable media (noted in Step 1) and click on it to highlight it.

7. Click OK to confirm the selection.

8. Select the updates to be restored.

9. Click Load to load the updates. The program will pause for a few moments as the updates are loaded. A window will open confirming the updates that are to be restored.

10. Select No to restore the updates. The Software Updates window will open.

11. Click Apply All to apply the updates.

The updates will apply. The program will prompt to restart after application is complete.