How to Check & Reset a TPG Check Authorization

Check Authorization
The following will need to be obtained to get access details about the Tax Payers bank product.

  1. Tax Payer SSN
  2. Refund Amount
  3. Filing Status

Reissue a TPG Check 

If a check from TPG has been verified but not cashed, the check needs to have the authorization reset.

  1.   Have the ERO contact TPG
  2. Have the following available for email
    • Copy of Front and Back of check with "VOID" written across the face of the check
    • Unexpired government-issued picture ID (Driver's License, State ID Card, Passport, U.S. Military I.D.)
    • Social Security Card
  3. E-mail the completed form and documents to TPG :
    • Let ERO know processing time may be 24-72 hours.
  • Attached Files
  • 17P Check Reissue 12-05-16 28129.pdf (185.56 KB) 401