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Creating a Custom Report

Custom Reports allow you to select the information from each tax return to be displayed and then separately select the search criteria to be used, along with the parameters of the search criteria.

 Follow the instructions below to successfully create a Custom Report:

  1. Click the  by Reporting in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Custom Reports.
  3. Click New Report +at the top of the page to pull up the Report Setup.
  4. Select the information you would like to display about each return pulled by the report.

🖐  Note: You can search for specific fields using the Filter box to the right of Available Display Fields.

  1. Click Done (this will collapse the Available Display Fields section and expand the Available Search Fields section).
  2. Find the field by which you would like to search your returns and enter the information the field should contain.

🖐  Note: if multiple search fields are specified, the Report will only fetch Returns which meet both search criteria.

  1. Click Create Report after the desired Display and Search fields have been set.

🖐  Note: you can click Reset instead to clear all entries and start over.

The Report will then be generated. Once the Report has run, you will have three (3) options at the top of the report:

  • Save as Template: clicking this will prompt you to enter a name for the new report, which will appear in Custom Reports.
  • Export as CSV: clicking this will save the report as a CSV file in your Downloads folder. The file is automatically named folder as “[Title of the report]_Report.csv”. For example: the “Rejected Returns” Quick Report would be saved as “Rejected_Returns_Report.csv” in the Downloads folder.
  • Close: clicking this will close the report and take you back to Custom Reports.

Clicking on any of the records in the report will open the associated return and close the report.