Online Program > How to Create Preparers

Preparers can be managed/created when at the Office level.

Follow the instructions below to successfully create a preparer:

To Add a Paid Preparer:

  1. Login to the 1040 Online Program with Office level access. 
  2. Click on Office Settings from the left panel. Note: If you see Account Settings you will need to drill into the office that you wish you create the preparer to be able to view Office Settings.
  3. From the Required For Filing section on left, click on Preparer.
  4. Click Create New Preparer.

  5. Complete the required fields (displayed in red) in each section as needed and click Save. Note: When applicable, use the Same as main office box in the Preparer's Office Address section to save time on data entry. 

    Important Note: Preparer ID must be linked to a login account. Use KB 883 for assistance on how to setup a login account.