How to Add Notes to a Return

Adding Notes to a Return


The software offers several methods to add notes to a tax return. These notes are not transmitted with the tax return, and may be used by the preparer to store additional information for their records:

1. Using the "Notes" button from the top of the screen is the easiest way to enter notes. These require a date and then the actual note, making them useful for tracking return progress. These notes also carry forward year to year and when a return is opened, it will display.

2. Adding “Other Notes” from Add Form will add a form with line numbers, descriptions, and amounts. These notes are useful when the preparer doesn’t need dates, wants all the notes to print out on a single page, or by using the Amount column to show how a number was calculated.

3. Using "Overflow Details" allows most fields in a tax return to have a description to go along with the amount. This can also be used to enter multiple descriptions and amounts which will be totaled in the field.

4. Using "Bookmarks" allows the preparer to enter a reminder to go back to a certain field.

Method 1: Use Preparer Notes

1. Click Notes on the software toolbar. 

2. Click New to add a new note. Today’s date will display under the Date column.
3. In the large white box, enter the note.
4. Click Save to save the note. 


Method 2: Add form Other Notes

1. Click Add Form on the software toolbar.
2. In the Enter Schedule/Form Number box, type “notes” and the software will highlight Other Notes.
3. Double click Other Notes to add the Other Notes form.
4. Type the notes on the Other Notes form. 


Method 3: Use Overflow Details

1. In the "Attached Forms" list, double click the form to add the overflow details to. 

2. Click in the box the desired field to highlight. 

3. Press CTRL+W on the keyboard to open the "Overflow Detail" window. 
4. Type one or more descriptions and amounts, and then close the "Overflow Detail" window. 

5. The total of all entries on the "Overflow Details" will display in the field. 
NOTE: The field will now have a different background color indicating the amount comes from an overflow detail statement. 


Method 4: Use Bookmarks

1. In the "Attached Forms" list, double click the form to add the bookmark to.
2. Right click in the box for the desired field, and then click Bookmark.
3. Enter the notes for the bookmark, and then click OK

4. All bookmarks in a return are accessible under the "Attached Forms" list.