How to Remove a Service Bureau Lock

Unlocking a Return 

The  following steps provide how to unlock a return:

  1. At the Master User, open the Work In Progress Summary (WIP)

  2. Transmit to the Central Site to receive the latest versions of returns from sub-offices. 

  3. From the top menu, select Utility > Unlock Tax Return.  The "Unlock a Tax Return" window will appear. 

  4. Enter the SSN and choose the filing status of the return to be unlocked. 

  5. Click Unlock.  The program will transmit to the Central Site.  One of the following responses will appear: 

  • “XXX-XX-XXXX SUCESSFULLY UNLOCKED” – The return has been unlocked and may be transmitted from any sub-office. 

  • “XXX-XX-XXXX IS ALREADY UNLOCKED” – The return was already unlocked. 

  • “XXX-XX-XXXX IS NOT AT MAIN OFFICE: YYYYY” – The SSN entered has not been transmitted to the Master User. 

  1. Click OK to close the information window.