How to Print/Reprint Acknowledgement Letters in The Program

Printing Acknowledgment Letters

Acknowledgement letters provide information to the taxpayer concerning their return, including when the return was acknowledged, the amount of their refund, and an approximate time as to when these funds will be available. These letters also provide information concerning any payments due, and where to send them. There is an acknowledgement letter for the federal return as well as for the state return.

Acknowledgement letters can be printed in three different ways. As returns are acknowledged, acknowledgement letters will appear on the "Work In Progress" screen under the "Printing Queue" section. There is a report that can be used to print acknowledgement letters by date range. Finally, an acknowledgement letter can be printed from within a return under the "Print" menu.

Method 1: Acknowledgement letters on the "Work In Progress Summary"

NOTE: If the program is configured to discard ACK letters, acknowledgement letters will not appear on the "Work in Progress Summary" and cannot be printed this way.

  1. Open the program and go to the "Work In Progress Summary."
  2. Click on Federal Acknowledgement Letters or State Acknowledgement Letters. If there are no letters to print, you will not be able to click on the link.

  3. To print all acknowledgement letters, click Print All on the top toolbar.

  4. To print a specific acknowledgement letter, double click the client.

NOTE: Acknowledgement letters are deleted as they are printed. To reprint an acknowledgement letter, use Method 2 or Method 3.

Method 2: Acknowledgement letter reports

  1. Open the program. If inside a tax return, close the tax return.
  2. On the top menu bar, click ReportsAck Letters, and then the desired letter type
  3. To filter the results of the report, enter a date range in the Starting ACK Date and Ending ACK Date fields.
  4. Click Quick View to display the results or Print to print the results

Method 3: Printing an acknowledgement letter within a return

  1. Open the program and open the tax return.
  2. On the top menu bar, click Print and then Acknowledge Letter or State ACK Letter.