How to Configure The Program to Use TextLink or TextLink Plus

 Configuring TextLink

 Step 1 - Configure TextLink to use a Gmail account

  1. If needed, create a free Gmail account (an existing account may be used).
  2. Log into the program as a user with Administrator rights.
  3. From the top menu, select Setup->Office Setup.
  4. Click the TextMsg Tab.
  5. In the Email field, type the desired Gmail account email address.
  6. In the Password box, type the correct Gmail account password.
  7. Click OK to close the saved changes and close the setup screen.

Step 2 - Activate TextLink

  1. Open the program, running as an administrator (Right click the program icon and select Run as Administrator).
  2. Click on Setup->Office Setup.
  3. Select the TextMsg Tab.
  4. Click the Activate TextLink Button. A black window should appear.
  5. Click OK when prompted until returned to the TextMsg Tab.

Step 3 - Send a test TextLink message

To verify TextLink is working properly, it is recommended to send a sample text message to a cell phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new tax return or open an existing one.
  2. Click Client Data in the Attached Forms section.
  3. Under Taxpayer Information, type the recipient’s cell phone number in the Cell field.
  4. Select the Text Message check box.
  5. Click the Cell Phone Carrier box and click Choices.
  6. Select the appropriate cell phone provider and click OK.
  7. Click the Send Text Button on the top toolbar.
  8. In the Text Messaging Option, enter a test text message and click OK.
  9. In the Text Confirmation window, click Yes.
If TextLink is configured properly, the text message should be received on the selected cell phone momentarily.

Step 4 - Receiving replies from TextLink 

If the recipient of the text message should reply it would be read/received through the gmail account that is configured in the office setup under the TextMsg/Email tab.

Configuring TextLink Plus

Step 1 - Ensure that the the authorization code for TextLink Plus is found in the application settings

  1. In the tax program, from the main menu select Setup->Office Setup
  2. Click on the Auth/Audits Tab and ensure that an authorization code 'X' is present in the TextLink Plus box.

  3. This authorization code is automatically pulled from the Central Site if the User ID has purchased TextLink Plus. If the authorization code is not present, contact support to have the authorization added. 
  4. If the authorization code is present, the program will be automatically configured to use TextLink Plus, and the option will be displayed on the "Work In Progress Summary" screen.