Locating/Printing E File Summary Page & IRS Tracking Number location

  1.  Go to www.irs.gov and click on Tax Pros at the top corner of the page. 
  2. Click on Access e-Services in the center of the page. 
  3. Click on E-file Provider Services.
  4. Click on Access e-file Application in the center of the page and click GO

  5. Type your Username and then click the Log In button.  

  6. Verify that your Site Image and Site Phrase are correct, type your password and then click the Submit button.
  7. On the Select Organization page there will be a list of the EFIN’s belonging to you, select the location you need to view/print the e-file summary page for and click Submit Selected Organization.
  8. The EFIN application will then be available to see a summary, then select View/Edit.
  9. The application will then open. For an E-File Summary Page to be accepted by the bank the “Application Status” Must be “Active”.
    NOTE: To view the Application Status, Choose the tab that says “EFIN Status” or scroll through your application till you see the Application Status section.

  10. Once you have verified your EFIN as “Active” you can then click on the “Application Summary” tab and review all your EFIN application information to ensure that it matches your bank application and is up to date.

  11. To print the E-File summary page to email to your banking partner or to Bank
    Services you will click on Print.

  12. When the print window opens you will want to print your E-File summary page as a PDF to email it.
    NOTE: Please do not copy/paste the application in a word doc, it will not be accepted by the bank.

  13. Save your E-File Summary page to your computer and name it in the format of “EFIN and company name” for the bank to easily see who’s EFIN it is and get it to the  right department. This will help to speed up the process of your approval.
    “123456 Best Tax Preparers LLC”

Please Note:

It is very important that ALL Information on your E-File Summary Page match what is entered on your current year bank application.
Mismatched Information can delay an 
Approval and at times cause an application to be Declined by the bank. 

Information the banks look for is the following
• EFIN Status should say “ACTIVE” no E-File summary page will be accepted by the banks with any other status.

• Emailed E-File Summary Pages MUST be in PDF format.
• The EFIN Owner Name.
• The EFIN Owner SSN and Date of Birth.
• The Physical location of the office.
• The EIN

Example of Efile Summary page