Online Program > Running a Quick Report

By default, 1040 Online provides six (6) Quick Reports which tend to be the most common reports in use, pre-configured for convenience. 

NOTE: Logins with the access level of Non Transmitting Preparer will not be able to view reports.

Follow the instructions below to successfully run a Quick Report:

  1. From the Office-level, click on Reporting. The program will default to the Quick Reports section.
  2. Click Run Report beside the name of the Report you would like to run.

NOTE: By hovering the mouse cursor over the , a short summary of what information the Report displays can be viewed.

The report will then be generated. Once the report has run, you will have three (3) options at the top of the report:

  • Save as Template: clicking this will prompt you to enter a name for the new Report, which will appear in Custom Reports.
  • Export as CSV: clicking this will save the report as a CSV file in your Downloads folder. The file is automatically named “[Title of the report] Report.csv”. For example: the “Rejected Returns” Quick Report would be saved as “Rejected Returns Report.csv” in the Downloads folder.
  • Close: clicking this will close the Report and take you back to Quick Reports.

Back on the Quick Reports page, the Run Last Report button re-runs the most recently run Report of the session.