How to Add a Remote Signature For an EF Originator

Adding a Remote Signature for an EF Originator


The following steps provide how to add a remote signature for an EF Originator:

1. Inside of the software, open the Database menu and then open EF Originators.

2. When the "EF Originators" window is open, select the preparer wished to add a remote signature for, then choose Edit.

3. When the "EF Originator Information" window opens, closely check that the cell number and the cell phone carrier information is correct. Then click the RemoteSign Button in the lower portion of the window.


4. A new window will show the Remote Signature has been sent successfully.

5. The EF Originator shall receive a text message (to the cell phone listed on the ERO page) with a link to click on in order to enter their name and information as it is in the software.

6. Once the process is complete on the EF Originator's cell phone, the office software is to transmit to the Central Site/Main where they will pick up the signature.


To verify the signature is in the software: 

Open the Database menu, choose EF Originators, and edit the EF Originator that just sent their signature.  The signature is seen in the "EF Originator Information" window. 

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