How to Install The Scriptel Signature Pad

Note: Scriptel is not compatible with software years 2016 and previous years. Topaz sig pads work with all years.

ALERT: See NOTE at the end of the article for Windows 10 incompatibility issue

IMPORTANT:  Drivers will need to be installed on EVERY computer which plans to have the signature pad used.

Driver Link: See steps below

Installing the Scriptel Signature Pad 

1. Download the driver by pasting the link above into a browser. A zip/compressed folder containing the files for installation will begin downloading. If given the option to RunOpen or Save; choose Save for easier access to the downloaded file.


2. Before running the driver, confirm the signature pad is not plugged into the computer. 

3. Open File Explorer or use the browser's Downloads option to browse to the zipped Scriptel Driver folder. Often the default location is the Downloads folder.

4. Right click on the zip folder and select Extract All.


5. In the extraction window, check the box for 'Show Extracted Files When Complete' and click Extract. This will open a window with the driver file, if this doesn't automatically open, browse through the Downloads folder to find the uncompressed ScriptelDriver folder.

6. Double click on the file 'st-series-software-2.5.408.exe' to run. 

7. Use the default options during the installation, clicking Next to progress through each step and Install to complete the setup.

8. Once the installation is complete, log into the software.

9. Go to the Setup menu and open Print Setup. On the Printer Settings Tab, check the box marked 'Use Scriptel Pad' under Signature Pad Selection. Click OK to close.

10. There are several ways to test the signature pad. One is by opening the Database menu and selecting Paid Preparers. Add a new test Prep ID or use one already created. Once the window populates, use the Capture Signature Button to test the signature pad. 

11. Use the signature pad to update the Paid Preparers and EF Originators options, located under the Database  menu. 

 NOTE: an incompatibility issue has been identified when Scriptel is used with our software AND Windows 10 operating system.

Characteristics include:

  • the software may not respond (hangs)
  • the signature captured comes into the program as squiggly lines

Scriptel used with our software AND earlier Windows versions appears to operate as expected. (This appears to be isolated to Windows 10.)