Central Site Refusal: Return Submitted by Another User ID

Refusal Message for a Return

In attempting to submit a return, a refusal message from the Central Site is received stating "Return submitted by another User ID." 

A taxpayer went to office ‘A’ to have their return prepared, yet never had given the ERO their approval to transmit the return. Occasionally, that taxpayer will go to another office, office ‘B’, to have the return completed and transmitted.

These two offices, although unrelated, both use Central Site to process returns.

When this takes place, office ‘B’ will not be able to transmit the return- instead the return is refused. The refusal message received states "Return submitted by another User ID." 

A change of ownership is needed (ONLY IF return hasn't been ACK'd by IRS)

  1. Office ‘B’ must email us a copy of the 8879, signed by the taxpayer, along with a copy of the taxpayers driver’s license/photo ID. The ERO can email this to Help@EROSupport.com.
  2. The support rep will then attach those documents to a case and forward the email to Central Site Support. 
  3. Once the email to the Central Site is sent, follow-up needs to be done by calling Central Site support on the change of ownership request.

KB 891 Internal email TEMPLATE > Documentation request refusal ’SSN filed by another UID’