How to Check The Status of an Electronically-Filed Return Using "Where’s My Refund" on The IRS Website

Refer to " Where’s My Refund? " to check the electronic filing status of a tax return directly from the IRS website. 

Verify to have the following information before using "Where’s My Refund?":

  • The primary taxpayer’s Social Security Number
  • The taxpayer’s filing status
  • The exact refund amount on the tax return


The following steps are provided to use "Where’s My Refund?":

1. Browse to the following IRS website:

2. In the Social Security Number boxes, enter the primary taxpayer’s Social Security Number.

3. In the Filing Status list, click the taxpayer’s filing status.

4. In the Refund Amount box, enter the exact refund amount on the tax return, and then click Submit.

The electronic filing and funding status of the return appears on your screen.