Error Message: Software Error/Interrupt!! TextFlush in Creating a PDF Return Copy


When printing a tax return to PDF, the following error message appears:

’Software Error/Interrupt!! TextFlush
The system cannot find the path specified.’



This error occurs when the program is configured to use an external PDF reader and the PDF printing path does not exist.


To resolve this error, specify a path for PDF files:

  1. Log into the program as a user with Administrator privileges.
  2. Open the Work In Progress (WIP) screen.
  3. From the top menu, select Setup > Printer Setup.
  4. Click the Print Options Tab.
  5. In the PDF Printing Options section, click Browse.

  6. Select a location to save PDF files. NOTE: Certain versions of Microsoft Windows will not save to the root of the C: drive.
  7. Click OK. The program should now print to PDF without error.