Error Message: File is too big - File size Exceeds 5MB


When importing a file to the document archive, the following error message appears: 

’File is too big. File size Exceeds 5MB’





The file being imported is too large to store in the Document Archive. If the file being imported exceeds 5MB, there may be ways to reduce the size of the file.



  • Reduce the size of the document being imported to 5MB (5242880 Bytes) or less.

    • This can be accomplished through various means, such as compressing the document through utilities like WinZip or 7zip.
      (Note: Many files are compressed when they are created and further compression could yield little improvement.)

    • If the document to be uploaded is an image, you may attempt to retake the image using reduced resolution settings on the device capturing the image.
      Additionally, it may be possible to reduce the file size by opening the image in image editing software and saving the file type as a different file type, such as JPG.