Workstation lock


  While trying to transmit a return you get a Workstation lock error.

The Current Tax return has Workstation lock. Contact your Service Bureau or Franchise office to unlock this tax return. Returns are locked to prevent overrides of information.


Upper tier already has a copy of this return.

  1. When trying to transmit a return you receive a error saying the return has a Workstation lock.


  1. Collect SSN and Filing Status and taxyear.
  2. Locate userid for office above userid that is trying to submit return. Inside Seessar you can click on Open for Parent Account like below.

  3. In the new tab that opens in Seesar note the Userid (you will need someone with access to this install) and Phone Number like below

  4. It's ok to call on the subsites behalf to the main office (37219 in this case) If subsite is ok with calling main office you can let them go.
  5. To unlock follow steps here How to Unlock a Return For a Sub-Site Using Management Dashboard