Error Message: Form Imported or Not Supported Appears While Printing


While printing a form, the following message appears:

’Form Imported or Not Supported’




This error may occur for several reasons:

  • Bank Application
    • This error occurs when trying to print the bank application through Print > Current Form Only . To print the bank application, click Print > Bank Documents .
  • Imported Tax Returns (including converted tax returns)
    • The program does not support printing imported tax returns. The input screens can be printed.
  • Form set to Don’t Print.



Press F8 to print the current screen:


  1. Inside the return under the Attached Forms list on the left, double click the form or worksheet that is to be printed.


  2. Press F8 to open the Print window and c lick Print to print the input screen. NOTE: The input screen is not the same thing as the form, and may look different.