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TPG-Provided Website Resources 


-PRIOR YEAR INFORMATION - Data below maybe outdated or not available-
The very informational and comprehensive lists of links provided in the following sections are available for tax professionals to utilize at their fingertips in serving assistance to their esteemed customers.

TPG Prefund Products  

What is a Prefund

How to Opt Into a Prefund Program

Prefunds - Exclusively Available on Green Dot Cards

Green Dot Card Fees

The Timing of Prefund Loans

Prefund Approval Rates

A Refund Not Funding

Refund Transfers:  Online Check Printing

Printing a Test Check (video link)

Printing (Live) Checks (video link)

Reissuing Check(s) If Lost, Damaged or Stolen

Voiding a Check-in Your Possession

TPG Online Check Printing Guide (35 pages)

Check Printing Problem Resolution (video)

Related links to check-cashing, tracking, and leftover check stock

   Cashing TPG Checks:

   Tracking Printed Checks:

   Where to Cash TPG-Issued Checks: issued-checks -

   Check-Cashing Agreements:

   Discarding Expired Checks at the Close of Tax Season:

TPG General Links

ERO login:

ERO Email to TPG:

ERO Compliance Training:

ERO Ordering Supplies:

FMC portal is a location for  EROs to review the loan status for all of their clients.  All EROs would have received their login credentials to the site upon completion of their enrollment with FMC.