Error Message: Invalid Check Number Appears While Printing a Check


While printing a check, the following error message appears: 

’Invalid Check Number’



The starting or ending check number that was entered in the program is incorrect or missing. A valid check number range must be entered in the program to avoid this error. 



  1. From the "Work In Progress" screen, click Checks, Registers and Activation.


  2. Click the Check Inventory tab and then click the Activate button. The "Activate Check Range" window will appear.
  3. In the Starting Check Number field, enter the lowest check number that appears on the checks.


  4. In the Ending Check Number field, enter the highest check number that appears on the checks.

  5. If activating check stock for multiple offices, enter the applicable site ID in the Site ID field. Otherwise, it is recommended to leave this field blank.
  6. Click OK to activate the check range. The activated check range will display on the Check Inventory tab.