Online Program > Activating a New Login Account

Once a new account or login is created in 1040 Online, the email address associated with the login will receive an activation email. This process will also provide options for authentication once the password has been set.

 Follow the instructions below to successfully activate your new user account:

  1. Open the activation email from Support <> with the subject line "New Account Email".
    Note: Locate the username associated with this account inside the activation email. This will be the username used to log into 1040 Online.

  2. Click the blue Activate Link button in the activation email.
    Note: The activation email link will expire after 48 hours. If expired, you will be presented with this message. Click Get New Activation Email for a new activation link email and refer back to Steps 1-3.

  3. Create a password for your new user account and click Activate Account.