How to Create and View a Custom Report Using The Extended Lookup Feature

Creating Custom Reports

  1. From the WIP, click the Lookup Button 
  2. Select the Extended Button.
  3. The "Search Field Setup" window populates. See below

"Available Display Fields" on the upper left which show the field’s that will display on the report.

"Available Search Fields" on the lower left are "filters’ which will only show the returns that match the search parameters entered.  This will restrict data from populating.



For an illustrated example, see below a created report which shows the Taxpayer’s Last Name, Taxpayer’s First Name, SSN, Cell Phone, the return’s ACK Code, Date and Refund Amount.


Optionally, by selecting the IRS ACK Code in "Available Search Fields," the search results can be narrowed to returns only matching a particular value. In the example below,  "A-Accepted" has been selected, which will limit the report to only showing the returns that have been Acknowledged. 

Once satisfied with the custom report, it is recommended to save.

  1. Click Save
  2. Name the report
  3. Select OK to save the report
  4. Afterward, click OK to run the report.

The results of the report can be: 

a. Printed by using the F8 button

b. Exported to Excel

c. Mass Text 

Custom reports can be used to send texts to all of the resulting taxpayers as long as a Cell Phone and Carrier was entered on the Client Data.