Error Message: Unable to load sysload: overlay/sysload.ovl while opening the program


When opening the program, the following error message appears:

’Unable to load sysload



Cause I

File being quarantined by security software (i.e. Avira, Avast, Norton...)

Resolution I

To resolve this issue, add the file being quarantined to the security programs exclusions list.
Google search " xxx antivirus whitelist" for antivirus program's specific steps


Cause II

Launching the program executable from a location other than the install folder. The most common cause for this error is copying the executable to the desktop rather than creating a shortcut.

Resolution II

  1. Verify the xlink## folder has the xlink32.exe 
  2. Delete the desktop icon/executable causing the error. 
  3. Create an actual shortcut following the steps in KB:84 - How to Create Shortcuts From a Networked Installation on a Workstation.