Error Message: "Send Email - Failure! ....Error ###### Your message could not be sent!"


In the attempt to send a text message or email a return, the following error message appears: 

’Send Email - Failure! Error ##### – Your Message could not be Sent! Check your TextLink Settings or Internet Settings


’Send Email - Failure! Error – Connection failed, timed out, or authentication failed.'


This error occurs if any of the following statements are true:

  • The SendText.dll file is damaged, missing or not registered.
  • The user name or password for Gmail is not correct.
  • There is no Cell #, Email Address, Text message check mark or Cell Phone Carrier for the taxpayer on the Client Data form.
  • The Gmail address has 'Allow Less Secure Apps' turned OFF or 2 Step Verification is ON. 
  • The text message is being sent to more than 100 recipients.


This error has multiple resolutions, the resolutions are listed in order of most common first. 

More than one resolution maybe needed to resolve the error.


Resolution 1: Register SendText.dll

  1. Open the program, running as an administrator (in Windows Vista / 7, be sure to right click on the icon and select “Run as Administrator”).
  2. Click on Setup->Office Setup.
  3. Select the TextMsg Tab.
  4. Click the Activate TextLink Button. A black window should appear.
  5. Click OK when prompted until returned to the TextMsg Tab.


Resolution 2: Verify the Gmail user name and password

  1. On the Setup menu, click Office Setup.
  2. Click the TextMsg Tab.
  3. In the Email box, type the desired Gmail email address.
  4. In the Password box, type the correct Gmail password.
  5. Click OK and then try to send a text message.     


Resolution 3: Verify needed data is present on the Client Data form.

  1. Cell Phone number
  2. Email address
  3. Check mark in Text Message:
  4. Cell phone Carrier has data



Resolution 4: Turn ON 'Allow Less Secure Apps'. 

How to Turn On ’Allow Less Secure Apps’ in Gmail

(IF 2 step verification is being used NO options for less secure apps)


When a Gmail address had never been used in conjunction with the software, Gmail will block access and send the user an email stating the 'Sign-in Attempt' has been prevented. 

  1. Have the user log into Gmail with the address used for TextLink.
  2. Open the new email labeled Sign-in Attempt Prevented
  3. Scroll down and click on REVIEW YOUR DEVICES NOW
  4. This takes you to Google's Sign-in & Security page. Scroll down the page to 'Allow Less Secure Apps' and select to turn this ON.
  5. Return to the software and test the text message feature, which should function as intended. 


Resolution 5: Setup 2 Step Verification.

See KB: 304 How to setup Google App Password For Using With 2-Step Verification


Resolution 6: Load Unlock Captcha (Must follow steps 1-4 for this to work)

  1. Close the tax preparation program.
  2. Open internet browser Log out of Google account & load the following:
  3. Log back into Google account then log into tax preparation program.
  4. Test Email or Text function.

Final Resolution

  1. Reboot PC

Send the message to less than 100 recipients at a time
Google text limits the amount of text messages one can send to 100 recipients at a time. If a batch text message is being sent (the same text message to a large group), try to limit the size of the group to less than 100.