Error Message: US FRM W-2 SS Tax Withheld Over 6.2% in Verifying a Tax Return


When verifying a tax return, the following verify error appears.

’SS Tax Withheld over 6.2%’



For tax years 2011 and 2012, the social security tax was reduced from 6.2% to 4.2%. Employers that failed to adjust the withholding may have withheld more than 4.2%. The program displays a verify error when the social security tax withheld in Box 4 of Form W-2 is more than 4.2% of social security wages in Box 3.



  1. The amount entered for social security tax may be entered incorrectly. Verify the amount entered matches the amount on the physical Form W-2.
  2. If the amount entered matches the physical Form W-2, the return can be transmitted with error. Click Transmit, and then click Next to bypass the error.
  3. There is no way on the income tax return to receive credit for the excess tax withheld. The employee should contact their employer to obtain the excess tax withheld.