"C0000005 Xlink exception error" While Opening The Program


While opening the program, the following error message appears:

’Xlink hardware exception C0000005!
C:\xlinkYY\overlay\opcodes.000 at: 5ED0’



This issue can occur if the program was not updated properly, possibly due to a workstation running the software while updates are applied. A file may be out of sync with the current version.



Delete the 1040zz file in the xlinkYY/software folder. Before following these steps, verify the program is not open on any computer on the network.

  1. Open the program installation folder:
    • In Windows Vista or later: Right click the shortcut for the program and select Open File Location.
    • In Windows XP:  Right click on the shortcut for the program and select Properties. The Properties window will open. Click Find Target.
  2. In the xlinkYY folder that opens, open the software folder.
  3. In the software folder, find the file named “1040zz”.
  4. Right click this file and select Delete.

The program should now open without error.