Error Message: Startup Abort!!! >Abt (Software CRC error) Error: (020)...


When opening the program, an error message similar to the following appears:
’Startup Abort!!!



This can occur when the program is updated on a network while the program is open on another workstation.

IMPORTANT: If all users have their own individual login ID for the program, the program will generate a warning that users are logged in. When all users share a single login ID, the program cannot generate the warning.


Delete the affected file or uninstall and reinstall the program.

Resolution 1 ~ Remove the affected file:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Navigate to the xlink## > Software folder
  3. Select the file referred to in the error and delete the file
    In the example error Symptoms above, the file referred to is corpzz
    1040zz is another file that could be affected & should be deleted

  4. Re-Start the program

Resolution 2 ~ Uninstall/Reinstall

  1. KB 239 How to Uninstall The Program
  2. KB 240 How to Install The Program 
  3. Verify program now opens without error.