Error Message: Software Startup Abort!!! >Abt (Unable to open last year index) Error: (020)


When running the List of Non-Returning Clients report, the following error appears:

’Startup Abort!!! >Abt (Unable to open last year index) Error: (020) utils\SSNDIFF.xl.40 :LASTYDB =:/dir20YY.idx’



This issue can occur if the Prior Year Path is not configured properly.



  1. Log into the program as a user with Administrator rights.
  2. On the Work In Progress Summary(WIP), from the top menu select Setup > Office Setup.
  3. Click the Defaults tab.
  4. Click Browse next to Prior Year Path.
  5. Locate the folder where the prior year of the program is installed.
  6. Click OK to save the change.
  7. Click OK to close the Settings screen.