How to Delete an ERO or Paid Preparer Signature Captured With The Topaz Electronic Signature Pad

Procedures for Deleting an ERO or a Paid Preparer Signature


 A. Follow these steps to delete an ERO signature

1. On the Database menu, click EF Originators.

2. Double click the applicable ERO.

3. Then click Delete Signature

4. Next, click Save

5. Finally, double click the applicable ERO. The signature is not captured now.



B. Follow these steps to delete a Paid Preparer signature 

1. On the Database menu, click Paid Preparers.

2. Double click the applicable Paid Preparer.

3. Then click Delete Signature.

4. Next, click Save.

5. Double click the applicable Paid Preparer. The signature is not captured now.


IMPORTANT:  Confirm to exit the screen and reopen it. The signature will not be deleted until you exit and re-enter the Paid Preparer or ERO screen.